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While Crossing Over Jordan


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While crossing over Jordan

When this wearisome life has ended

When all is said and done,

As I cross the River Jordan

Gazing near and far beyond.


While crossing over Jordan

I can see my Savior Jesus

Gloriously seated on His throne.

He softly whispers to me, for I am not alone.

He extends his arms to greet me.

It’s incredible what the eyes can see.

I’m comforted by His mercy, with peace surrounding me.


While crossing over Jordan

He embraces me so gently, as I’m snuggled in His arms.

I’m eternally resting on Him; sheltered from all alarms.

No more pain and agony; I’m content as I can be.

His love is unsurpassed, that overfills my soul.

His precepts are everlasting, as His truth and love unfold.



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