New Opportunities on the Horizon

So much has transpired since my last blog article. My lovely spouse (Darryl Ann), has recaptured her passion to become an inspiring actress. She identified and secured several acting roles throughout Ohio, e.g., Cleveland, Columbus, and Athens.  I’m excited for her and continue to support her endeavors.  

Other notable cinematic features she’s included in: “The Hacker” (Directed by and starring Raymelle A. Adams). The Hacker tackles the human trafficking epidemic — up close, real, and thought-provoking!

Check out the trailer of this movie on YouTube:

Here are a few others cinematic features she’s included in: “Double Walker” – A young woman’s ghost comes back to investigate her own murder. The director of this movie is Colin West; “The Cran” – An anxious comedian with bad coping mechanisms, reconnects with his unstable high school ex, they embark on a road trip to rural Cranwell County, under the pretense of reconnecting as friends. The comedian finds himself complicit in an absurd revenge crusade that puts him in the crosshairs of a local cult, a roving band of neo-nazis, and a pair of mysterious men dressed as Chimpanzees. The director of this movie is Tyler Savino.

My spouse has secured another upcoming acting role as a grieving mother with her daughter, after the loss of her husband. Last week, she recently took a photo shoot, with filming to start in a couple of weeks. The movie is entitled, “Pen Pals.”

New Opportunities on the Horizon to Write & Finalize Gospel Melodies:

Another project that’s near and dear to our hearts, is writing and working to finalize beautiful gospel melodies. For several years, my passion has been writing spiritual poetry focusing on our need for Christ; and being thankful of our many blessings. I’m extrememly blessed to have a spouse who possesses many talents who has always been there to support me. Her love and admiration was instrumental in the development of two (2) previous books, e.g., “Anthology of a Spiritual Mind,” and “Spiritual Reflections of a Poetic Mind.”

The emergence of writing and finalizing gospel melodies will infuse poetic works into gospel melodies. We’re identifying several mix and mastering studio engineers, in hopes of resonating an indelible gospel message on the importance of our need for God, and His loving-kindness.

Upcoming Second Season of “ShopTalk Sway:

ShopTalk Sway

My spouse’s podcast, “Shop Talk Sway,” that airs weekly on iHeartRadio, will enter its second season soon. Her initial show featured twenty-eight (28) guests, e.g., entertainers, comedians, fashion designers, entrepreneurs, etc. Her podcast should be even better for 2020.

To check out prior podcasts of “Shop Talk Sway,” click on this link:

Clairdee’s New Album:

“A Love Letter to Lena”

My sister, “Clairdee,” was the first talented jazz vocalist featured on “Shop Talk Sway.” Clairdee was mentored by the late great virtuoso, Nancy Wilson. She’s also performed with many notable jazz legends. Her latest album, “A Love Letter to Lena,” will be officially released on March 6, 2020, with a live performance slated on March 8th, in Berkeley, California.

For more information, please review Clairdee’s website:

Clairdee’s newest album honors the extraordinary life of African-American singer, actor, and activist, Lena Horne. The album integrates inventive arrangements of songs by Billy Strayhorn, and contemporary composers, with compelling storytelling. It examines Horne’s personal struggles and pivoral role in changing attitudes about race and America’s steretypical view of African-Americans.

Use of Twitter to Plant Seeds of the Gospel:

For several months, I’ve utilized “Twitter,” to send daily scriptural passages, in hopes of planting seeds of the gospel. As sojourners passing through this life, our world and nation continues to move further away from God. The need for God, is our eternal salvation for everlasting life.

2 Chronicles 7:14, “If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

I’m still a novice when it comes to using Twitter. However, if I can plant God’s pivotal message of love, hope, and salvation, perhaps the seed planted will take root and flourish.

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