Still Much To Do


It’s amazing when we’re kids time passes very slowly. I reminisce about reading a sign placed under the classroom clock that read, “Time will pass, will you?”

As a child, I remember each summer being long and enjoyable. Yes, there were times where time wouldn’t pass quickly enough. An example that quickly comes to mind like grade school courses that I truly didn’t enjoy.

As I entered my adulthood years, each chapter of my life brought about compelling lessons, some “good” and some “bad.” Each lesson was a “teaching moment,” that brought about wisdom and enduring patience. My mother would say, “Life will teach you, better than I can tell you.”

As I grow into my autumn years, I wonder where all the time has gone? I also realize that through life’s “ups” and “downs,” I’ve learned to rely on God, as my foundation. In essence, without Him, I have nothing. This poem is indicative of what we should do before we leave this Earth. For there is still much to do.




As I reminisce about my life, I’m eternally blessed over the many years God, has given me

When I was a child, time couldn’t pass fast enough to allow me to run wild and free

Now that I’m old, I’m waiting for death’s angel to knock on my door

As my body ages and memory fades, I’m sure I’ll be aching more

Until God calls me home, there’s still much work to do, on Earth

I’m forever blessed of my salvation because I know of its work

So, I won’t get depressed reminiscing about my overall aches and issues, or those who’ve passed away

If it’s the Lord’s will, I’ll see those I love again, on that great glorious day


Edward L. Wright (c) 2018


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