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Saved by Grace


Being saved by grace, I was inspired to write two insightful poetic works: “Anthology of a Spiritual Mind,” (2012), and “Spiritual Reflections of a Poetic Mind,” (2017). Both writings reflect the importance of relying on God, for His infinite wisdom; and being thankful for everything. Writings are reflective of my passion, thankfulness, and humility. Additionally, I want readers to look “inwardly” at themselves in their spiritual journey to see whether they emulate Christ.

For the past ten years, I’ve pretty much focused my poetic writings from reading God’s inspired Word, and through His Holy Spirit. Earlier in my life, I was familiar with God’s Word; however, I wasn’t totally surrendering my life over to Him, being saved by grace.

Life had been fairly easy. I presumed, through my own naivety that I achieved many personal goals on my own. During the early years of my life, I had more “good” things happen, than “bad” ones. Little did I know that God was “ordering my steps.”

Eventually, I learned through several “bad” experiences (or poor choices), to solely rely on God, for wisdom and direction. During my “dark” period, I lost my mother, six-figure income, marriage, home, an older sibling, and was temporarily homeless. Through this time of grief and despair, it was a “wake-up” call.

Through each instance, I felt heartache, shame, guilt, and regret. I didn’t understand it then, but God was “tearing me down,” in order to reconstruct me. Through my dark period, I began to write poetry as therapy, to keep my mind away from pain and worry. This form of rehabilitation enabled me to express how I felt through words. I initially began writing “romantic” poems, and subsequently writing “real world” poems pertaining to disasters, wars, politics, and societal issues. I was saved by grace.

In essence, many of my earlier writings stemmed from what I watched on television, heard on the radio, or read from newspapers. The theme, plot, and setting on current issues captivated my attention and eagerness to write. Unfortunately, during this time period, I wasn’t able to pay entry fees to submit my poems, due to insufficient funds.

After several years transpired, I began to reflect on my own mortality and the importance of leaving a “Godly” legacy for others. Having to live alone gave me a lot of time to reflect on forging a relationship with God. In order to do so, I knew I must devote myself to daily bible study. Secondly, I prayed that God would change me to become a better man and Christian. Thirdly, call or go to those who I’ve hurt and ask for their forgiveness. Fourthly, commit to the power of daily prayer and meditation and continue to maintain a regularly scheduled time for Him. By keeping a schedule, this enables me to spiritually mature and become more disciplined throughout my spiritual journey. I must rely on God, to give me wisdom, protection, and blessings. His grace and mercy have allowed me to be humble; as well as, thankful, in all circumstances. I realize, I had to go through much loss, humility, and loneliness, to see the beauty of what God, was doing for me. Therefore, going through a myriad of experiences gave me a clearer perspective on how God, uses me for His evangelistic efforts.

Over the years, I’ve learned it isn’t about me. It’s about sharing God’s glorious news. I now write “spiritual” poems based on giving Him the glory, honor, and praise. I know in order for God to work in me, I have to continue to read, apply, and remain obediently faithful. I’m still a “work in progress.” Therefore, I hope to be more like Him, through His Word. Ephesians 5: 14-17: reiterates, “See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Wherefore, be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.” A fool is one who exists apart from God. A wise man is one who lives in accordance with God’s divine principles.

Titus 3:3: reiterates, “For we ourselves also were once foolish.” And that’s true. Once we were and our foolishness manifested itself, he says, “In disobedience, deceived, serving various lusts and pleasures.” Now that’s the way a fool lives. He disobeys God. He’s deceived about the truth. He serves his lusts. He’s guided by his own desires and his pleasures. He lives for pleasure. “He lives in evil,” it says, “And in envy and he is hateful, and he hates one another.” That’s the way we used to be as fools, “But after the kindness and love of God, our Savior, toward man appeared,” there was a change, “not by works of righteousness, which we have done, but according to His mercy he saved us.” And that was the change. He saved us by the washing of regeneration and the renewing of the Holy Spirit. And He shed on us abundantly, this through Jesus Christ.

These two biblical passages are indicative of how I once lived. I was only saved by grace. I was oblivious and more concerned about my own desires. My path to writing “spiritual” poetry is through the teachings of God’s Word, and the power of the Holy Spirit that dwells within me.


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