Thankfulness in a Fallen World

As I reflect on my many blessings going into this holiday season, I’m thankful for each day. I’m cognizant that nothing is guaranteed and everything given can be taken away at any time. My journey of faith and obedience enables me to realize how fragile life is, and how vulnerable we are of Satan’s attacks.

Today’s news reflects how vulnerable we are within this fallen world. The fallen nature that continues to sow seeds of sin within our lives are constantly displayed through news feeds.

It’s difficult to celebrate the holiday’s when people take their “eyes off God,” by avidly watching television, or becoming active participants engaged in various social media where much of this information may not derive from a “credible” source.

The importance of reading from God’s inspired Word, along with having a relationship with Him, will sustain us through life’s difficulties.

As each year swiftly passes, how often do we exhibit gratitude to those around us? True Christian gratitude is being cognizant and thankful for our blessings. We must always examine our behavior, and ask ourselves the question, “Is this indicative of how Christ would act?”

After all, God sacrificed His only begotten son, who left an indelible blueprint for us to follow.

When life’s trials and tribulations come, we may find it difficult to stay thankful in a “fallen” world. The temporal circumstances we endure only strengthen our faith. We must remember that God has predestined an eternal dwelling after this life has ended. Therefore, while we endure our struggles in this life, we must have an abiding faith, live obediently, and place our trust in the Master’s Hand.

God’s Word is “good news,” for believers, as well as, for “unbelievers.” It calls sinners to repentance, and saints to remembrance.

We should be thankful for “salvation” that was provided through the death of Christ. He died on the cross under the wrath of God, bearing the punishment for our sin, the sins of all who would ever believe; and providing for them eternal life. Therefore, every day should be a day of thanksgiving.


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